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  • Have you ever felt that there must be more to being a Christian than you have experienced?
  • Have you ever suspected there ought to be greater passion for God in your life than there is?
  • Have you ever wanted to ponder at length on the glory of the New Covenant?

Then, REBORN is for you.

REBORN is a book about the beauty of what God has done for us in the new birth. It has been called ‘inspiring’, ‘uplifting’, ‘powerful’… because it sets out the outcome for every person of the work of Jesus on the cross. Relationship with God is more than a pure formality, it is an invitation to life, it is a transformational occurrence.

Everything that the human soul longs and yearns after is offered in salvation, but how little we understand it. REBORN aimes to give that understanding.

It sets out easy daily steps to fully imbibe these truths and savour the benefits of salvation. When you read REBORN and let these truths penetrate your psyche and transform your understanding of your life in God.


Ten chapters, each chapter covers one aspect of the consequences of the new birth experience.

 Each chapter contains

  1. a classical painting of the Prodigal son; in black and white in the book but the ebook version features full colour images.
  2. a presentation
  3. a what does this mean section
  4. what do I do now?
  5. a call to action,
  6. a list of Scriptures to meditate on
  7.  a prayer section with specific prayer points. 

REBORN is as practical as it is theoretical.

Read through the book in one fell swoop, then take the chapters one by one, one per week. By the end of this time you would have gone through a life changing revelatory experience with God. Then you will be ready to move on to the second volume in the Discipleship series.


The paperback and kindle versions are on sale on Amazon sites worldwide.

The paperback and/or epub versions are available on many online book sites ex. Barnes&Noble.com, Blackwell’s Bookshops, Alibris, etc. You can also order via your local bookstore.


Discovering the New Covenant was like stepping into a world within a world, a world of undescribable beauty and awesomeness; it was mind boggling that I had lived so long in total ignorance of it. I resolved to make up for lost time and plunged into a life of prayer, fellowship and continuous yearning to know more.

After giving up my career last year to focus on full time ministry, the one imperative that rang out daily was this ‘write’. What was meant to be, and became a series of short videos on the impact of the new birth for a French evangelistic website DIEU.FM became first one book, then two. French speakers are welcome to view the accompanying videos on the Dieu.fm website

I have taught the truths in this book for more than twenty years, first as a discipleship teacher, then as a Pastor. I have seen the impact of them on many lives and I trust yours will be transformed as well.

Writing has been a lifelong passion. And although I have been writing for more than thirty years, REBORN is the first book to be published. It has been a long journey for the then smart young woman who wrote poetry and did poetry readings barely out of university and was determined to give my all to my literary endeavours.

Somewhere along the way God broke into my world and asked that the gift of writing be given to Him. It was a painful decision, but a life changing one, and one that has never been cause for regret. And one that means that He now has full use of that which was originally and remains His.


Join us in getting the word out. Let us put this captivating book in the hands of hundreds of thousands of people. We have put together a few easy steps.

  1. Pick up the book on an Amazon website or elsewhere. Read and  Leave a review
  2. Review it on your blog, in social media.
  3. Tweet and post quotes from the book.
  4. Download the media kit. It includes :
    1. Book and author presentation images for Instagram, tumblr, facebook, twitter posts and covers;
    2. regular images, blog images, etc.
    3. Author bio and book blurb in pdf format.
  5. Post on social media.
  6. Forward to your contacts, including relevant Christian media houses; by email, text message or by phone.
  7. Encourage your contacts to leave a review at point of purchase and also on goodreads.
  8. Encourage close friends and family to forward to their contacts.
  9. Anything else that is godly and biblical.


This media kit includes images prepared for social media, blogs, etc in the appropriate sizes. One set with author images, the other without.


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Abonnez-vous et recevez ce eBook

(GDPR) En cochant la case ci-dessous j’accepte de recevoir des ebooks, des articles, etc de ce site. Je peux me désabonner à tout moment.

Abonnez-vous et recevez ce eBook

(GDPR) En cochant la case ci-dessous j’accepte de recevoir des ebooks, des articles, etc de ce site. Je peux me désabonner à tout moment.

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